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Linked713's gameplay for Doom (PC)

Linked713 played Doom

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Linked713 said...
  • interested
Had some fun with it. Beaten the level 2 and onward to level 3 =)

Doom (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date:
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I was never a fan of the original Doom. Really love Doom 3. It's one of the few FPS's I enjoy.
I love it. Doom3 was okay, I understand the whole darkish theme but it was a huge let down for me.. Not that I was scared but when I play the game i'd like to see some things too..
@Linked713 I think all the darkness was one of the things that made the game so great. The main selling point for the game however is that enemies quite literally appear out of nowhere.

You're never safe, not for a second!
I think F.E.A.R was better in term of "no save spot" and... between you and I.... WTF do they put in their flashlight to last THAT long?
@Linked713 Still have yet to play F.E.A.R.
@Linked713 What? There's tons and tons of safe spots in Fear.
@EarthboundX Same thing with Doom 3, but you never know where it is.
@Fallout2Forever Well enemies don't just pop up behind you in Fear, you generally always know where they are.
@EarthboundX as for doom, depends on which difficulty you play.
Does anyone PvP in Doom anymore?
@LordXenophon omg that was a long time ago
@LordXenophon I do have doom with multiplayer on my PC if you want to play
Unfortunately, I do not have it installed and can't find my disc. It may be in my storage locker. If I can find it and get it reinstalled, I will send you a challenge.
I have it I can upload it and give you a link?
I'm not interested in an illegal copy.
@LordXenophon If you own a copy it won't be illegal. Just convenient.
@Clone1138 that and good luck in finding doom1 in store?
I'm sure I still have it. I just need to find it.
@LordXenophon good luck!
*starts rummaging in boxes*
@LordXenophon haha have fun, whish I had my old snes...
do you play vanilla doom using one of the ports? i play using the skulltag port :)
Actually, I do play the iPhone version made by ID Software itself.
aah, if i had an iphone i'd have got that for sure :D i heard its got online play too, how easy is it to get into a game?
mmh never succeed to get into an online game. So far I can say I am pretty sure it uses wifi for LAN plays and not ONLINE as it is faster than Bluetooth. As far as I know the multiplayer option is grayed out until your phone/pod is connected to an hotspot.
hmm fair enough.. well like i said if i ever get an iphone, this'd be one of the first apps hehe
yeah it is awesome. That and wolfeinstein 3D Platinium, Wolfenstein RPG and Doom Resurection (a Resident evil chronicles like, but in the doom universe)

They are also planning Doom RPG, cant wait.
I really want doom rpg to go to ds, orcs and elves did, and its on the same engine. if not... i might just have to get that iphone
All the games I've mentioned are going to be on iPhone/Pod only.
They like to port classics on that device and with reasons.
well.. those particular ports are... doom's been ported to anything and everything, it'll be on our toasters next :P

well playing doom while waiting for my breakfast would be awesome.
I have a homebrew port for the DS for that :P
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