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Linked713's gameplay for NHL 10 (PS3)

Linked713 earned trophies in NHL 10

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Linked713 said...
  • frustrated
I can't believe how bad I am... Can't handle the default controls, classic looks like there too many things lacking in and I can't take a computer on pro settings. I maxed the goalies skills because I only play 20 minutes length periods and I don't want to end up with a 43 - 39 score... I like realistic things...

So I played and failed miserably on these settings.. It made me a bit frustrated as I was doing okay on PC back with 08 and PSP (PSP being another story). I did rage quit my last game (offline, never do that online >.>) and set up the season options to rookie with an adjustment a bit harder. Lowered the goalies of one bit also. I have to handle the controls and at least make my investment worthwhile.

It is too late to try again now (A part of the reason why I left my last game too, had 40 minutes left).

I will try again tomorrow with these settings and post my thoughts. I don't want to always win, trying to find the rights setting that will make me do a 1 hour length game with pleasure and the same excitement as when I watch a game. I want the computer to be of my average skill (a bit harder) and goals to be hard to make on both sides so we can finish games with not more than 5-6 goals overall.

Anyone else noticed that they abused on penalty and fights? I mean I had to pull the penalty slider to one bit instead of the default setting (I had 51minutes or penalty and computer 36 minutes on my first match) and fight slider to nothingness (Average of 10 fights per period on default setting)... Seriously, this is not UFC guys...

After getting used to the whole thing and be able to complete my whole season on pro difficulty, I'll try the online feature - hoping people will still play.
NHL 10

NHL 10 (PS3)

Genre/Style: Sports/Hockey
Release Date: 15/SEP/09
Grade A
Grade A (Gold)

Get an overall A rating in a match with your Be A Pro character

Unlock Gloves
Unlock Gloves (Bronze)

Earn a pair of 2 slot gloves

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