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Linked713's gameplay for Ragnarok Online (DS)

Linked713 played Ragnarok Online

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Linked713 said...
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I am now a thief 14/4

If you think this is a normal jrpg... well Ragnarok has nothing to do with it... This game had countless hours of farming for items and it does have it here too. Took me 35 minutes of Poring killing to get 10 jellopy (Note that I 1 shot them). That's about 80 - 90 porings for 10 jellopy.... and this is only the first sub-quest!
Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online (DS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 17/MAR/10
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Actually Ragnarok Online was a Korean RPG :D Which are infamous for 'grinding'. I used to play RO on PC and loved it for the setting, community and easy play, back when MMORPGs were still a relatively new thing.

BUT one thing this game has over the PC one I'd say is the fact that there's actually a story and quests to do. Ragnarok Online on PC was traditionally a case of kill, level up, sell stuff, buy more gear, rinse repeat.

Other than the job changing quests it was a plain game. Haven't played too much of the DS version yet (my battery cut out during a tutorial) but I'd say it's a slight upgrade.
I know but most people are referring any asian RPGs as the JRPG tag. But yeah, Ragnarok is my all time favourite MMORPG I know where it came from ;)

The DS version is far more superior in term of story, but not in term of lore or gameplay. Still a must get game!
Yeah, me and my brother first fell in love with MMOs with early Ragnarok Online, always good to meet other fans.

Anyway, fair enough, sorry I was just being annoyingly exact. But yeah, despite the story it did feel a little srtange as a Ragnarok game. But I still think it's quite the impressive DS game.
80-90 porings for ten jallopy? Ick. I oft forget what the game would be like without that 5x drop rate. e.e

I just played the DS game last night, it's.. interesting. The storyline so far is leaning pretty hard on the stereotypical, though
And now I feel silly, I read the genre, not the system, so I thought you were talking about the online game, not the DS game in the post.
Haha no the DS game is more of a RPG than MMORPG.
Yes, I've noticed.They talked FOREVER in the intro, though. Which would have bugged me less if their monologues had been interesting... Does the storyline get interesting?
Does not take me long to hook up to a game. I giggled many times in my first 3 hours of play time.
Is it fun? I thought about checking it out.

Is it online at all?
I now that might seem like a dumb question, since online is in the title, But I've never been online with my DS, haha.
I absolutely hated this when I played it.
I totally like that game it's actually the same places but with a story ;)

and no it's not online the guy that added this game on gDNA got it all wrong...

see pic: http://diehardgamefan.com/wordpress/wp-content/gallery/ragnarok-ds-nds/RagnarokDS_Package.jpg
@Linked713 That's why I was confused about the post at first. Is there anyway to fix that since they even got the title wrong?
dunno. GDNA feels like it's a not supported project or something.. last news are from DEC 18th. >.>
You can always just add it with the correct name....
Tried once, it just screwed up and spammed me alerts saying that something went wrong >.> i gave up
I did it for you.
I did it all for you.
@xoaks Praise the one who left you broken down and paralyzed.
First MMO I ever played was Ragnarok Online. I kinda liked it, but got really tired of the grindan.

Then I played Maple Story.

After that, I've never played an MMO again.
Ok you left a grinfest game for another grindfest game saying that the first one was too much of a grinding matter?
Why? Does that really grind you gears?


Also, I didn't say that Ragnarok Online was a bad game. Just was turned off on Korean MMO's after Maple Story.
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