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Is Section 8 and Dragon Age Good?

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Linked713 said...
  • interested
I am getting those 2 games right now via Torrent so I can try them out. God I hate when there is no demo.

Is the online good for any of them?
Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 03/NOV/09
Section 8

Section 8 (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 04/SEP/09
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dude section 8 is horrendous
How is that so?
you have to shoot somebody for like 30 seconds and reload like twice and my good sir there is a demo for shity 8 on live
and from what i have seen dragonage is good but does not have a online component
@vexx3o5 The only online Dragon Age has is a system that displays your stats to others and whatnot. I haven't really looked at it to much yet, the single player is fantastic though!
im sorry i thought u guys meant on 360 but yes pathard is right dragon age single player is awesome
Nah PC Versions.

I like it when ennemies takes more than 1 shot to kill. Carebear FPSs are lame.
more than halo as well a lot more lol u will see let me know what u think about it
Alright I will try it maybe tonight.

I am deceived by Dragon Age not being online though...
Dungeon Siege (first one) was the same style but had an Epic online feature as well as some secret levels. I liked how you could do any job too. I am tired of those "Select your char, spec and there you go stuck with this for 40 hours."
@Linked713 Dragon Age is going to be quite a long game from what I understand. I'm sure I'll finish it eventually, but Shattered Horizon comes out later today, and Modern Warefare 2 comes out next week.. gah!
Shattered Horizon looked weird to me. Modern Warfare 2 is going to be good.. well my expectations are rather low.. IW made a great job ruining the title with servers and all. Borderlands is a BLAST. Also Playing DJ Hero... and Brutal Legend... mmh and Aion... lol

Too many games to play.. So far I think Borderlands > MW2 for me
There is no online for Dragon Age...
According to several reviews Section 8 is supposed to be decent at best. I'd tell you that Dragon Age: Origins is supposed to be RPG of the Year material, but you'll hate it if you're looking for a shallow, mindless online game, because it's supposed to require a lot of strategy, and is single player.
Lol carebear fps = 1 shot kills. Slugfests are a better description of what you prefer. Dying in one hit is far from being anything close to a casual FPS.

As for Section 8, single player is more of a tutorial for multiplayer. If you get S8, make sure you are playing its multiplayer as singleplayer is what has given it a bad rep. But then again, there are a lot of other FPS multiplayer games out there like TF2.

As for Dragon Age: It requires a lot of tactics, even more so on nightmare mode. Challenges like that (besides depending on just gear/items to win), will make this game interesting.
@Avs "Lol carebear fps = 1 shot kills. Slugfests are a better description of what you prefer. Dying in one hit is far from being anything close to a casual FPS."

No, you're way off. You just didn't get what I said. Dying in 1 shot (ie: Rainbow six 3) is fine and more of a challenge. HOWEVER, according to what vexx3o5 said about 3 hours ago, "you have to shoot somebody for like 30 seconds and reload like twice" thus my reply "I like it when ennemies takes more than 1 shot to kill. Carebear FPSs are lame. "

In other words. If you can kill a NPC in 1 shot in a FPS game, it's lame.

As for my prefered type of game. I'd say Call of duty on Veteran difficultyis awesome. Killzone 2 also have some nice and tough ennemies.
Oh, thought you were referring to pvp combat in FPS, since section 8 is primarily based around multiplayer. But that still doesnt change the fact that shields + jetpacks will make those fights a lot longer than what the weapons can do.

Speaking of Call of Duty, are you getting MW2? I'd like to know since theres a boycott and what going on.

As for Section 8, if you can find a good community the game is decent like the reviews say.
IW is totally bringing MW2 down the line with some less than appealing features. As a CoD Console Player, the matchmaking isn't my biggest issue... but Many other things are making me sick of IW in general. I will get it, but might not play as often as I played MW1.

I was trying to get Section 8 for single player. I don't really intend to play on multiplayer with that game.
Man Linked, you're pretty brazen about piracy. Not saying I haven't done it, but making a topic telling others, wow.
@EarthboundX I am getting those 2 games right now via Torrent >>> so I can try them out. <<<

I prefer pirating a game to try it than buy it for nothing. I am considering buying the one im going to play with like the other games I have.

Even my windows 7 is legit and retail.
@Linked713 Hear Hear!
@Linked713 Yeah, but I just don't think it's the best idea to mention stuff like that, you never know, you could be reported.
@EarthboundX I know. lol.
@EarthboundX and then what, EA will sue Linked for all of the piracy losses they will have for the game?
I seriously doubt anything would happen, it's just not worth anyone's time.
@Ashbelthor Nah, I hear stories all the time.

The newest thing they do, is make your internet provider ban you. I've been hearing a lot of that.

So make sure you use a client like uTorrent, that blocks your IP, haha.
@EarthboundX Or just don't use a crappy internet provider.
BTW uTorrent doesn't block your ip.
From what I hear it does, it has a built in proxy.
Weird, since when I use torrent stuff and there are clients which use uTorrent, it shows me their ip.
But I donno, maybe it doesn't show their real one.
@Linked713 Those carebear FPS are closer to reality than the FPSes you have to shoot 4000 bullets at. I mean, irl you're dead with one, maybe two or three shots at max. So is your opponent. The only thing in most of the FPSes is that it takes only one bullet to kill your enemy, but you can handle like 100 bullets and still not die.
@hellgast and that's why CoD's Hardcore mode is so good.
@Ashbelthor Totally agree. But, to get back on topic. Dragon Age is nice. But it's a bit slow-paced and long.
@hellgast What I call carebear FPSes are FPS that you never die and can 1shot pretty much your opponents even at hard and above. I like killzone2 cause they are hella hard to kill BECAUSE they are armored and it's not just for the look and feel. I mean yeah some games have their hard and easy mobs.. but since when you put your butter knifed armed soldiers in front line?
Dragon Age might be game of the year.
@EarthboundX wastched few movies from Youtube, I bought it... Doing the 12gb steam download as I type this. Should be playable tomorrow.
My internet is buggered at the moment for at the rate ot 89kbps I doubt i'll be getting Dragon Age preloaded any time this week :(
Lets settle this:


Carebear FPS are fps that require a lot of shooting to kill people with because it makes it so that even people will superb aim cant off someone without the other getting a chance to run or shoot back. There aren't a lot of these.

Everything else (TF2, CS, anything with a headshot system, anything with a hardcore system or 1-4 bullets = death like AA, is normal FPS), where you can get instagibbed.


All FPS games because of either difficulty settings or the fact that the game would suck if you died every 5 feet. I dont think anyone actually talks about "carebear" fps (this term isn't common to most FPS gamers) in a singleplayer environment, simply because Singleplayer is singleplayer, your opponents arent you, and you are some super soldier.

Since everyone is "equal" relatively in multiplayer, if you can headshot an opponent, they can headshot you. Anyways, all cleared up.
@Avs Auto-Regeneration = Carebear FPSes. I can't see a point where you ccan recover (like in Call of duty) from 2 clips of SMG alone without any medic or health pack... Come on... this is LAME.
@Linked713 Hmm, what about health packs then? So would counterstrike be a non-carebear FPS compared to COD4:MW (because of autoregen)?

Or are we talking Tom Clancy's FPS shooters being non-carebear vs TF2 because TF2 has health pickups and Borderlands has health/takes a lot of hits to kill you. I think casual FPS would be a better term. Carebear sounds so negative!

In Call of Duty MW, we always played with a realism mod that meant 2-3 bullets of any gun = death. I never really played in the normal gun and run, spray and pray servers because of that.
I think the definition of carebear is largely being used here to describe what you want to describe the gaming environment and functionality you're favoring.

If there is a level playing field then there should be no stipulation to the quality of the encounters. All you are really entitled to is your opinion and if it is a non-favorable you use the term carebear loosely to describe why you don't find it appealing to you.

Overall it's just a definition argument and the fact that you would rather have it another way.

I personally prefer the shield/health pack style play because we are playing a game and I don't want it to be, one shot, one kill. I want to have a chess match in a few short seconds. This is obviously my opinion conversely to yours.
As your example said two clips from an SMG, but we're relating this to reality, the weapons we're talking about are reminiscent of realistic weapons but are used basically as a X thing that does Y damage to Z person. Fill in the variables with anything you like.
@fteneq No, its called opinion and anyone can call something carebear if their reason fits. The best FPS I've played was Rainbow six 3 Raven Shield + Athena Sword that I still Play with my friends from time to time in Deathmatch. It is the best example of a hardcore FPS in multiplayer, at least.
I said it's an opinion. In more words obviously.
You're getting them via torrent? Isn't that a little illegal?
@ZedoMann Yes it is. I did not like Section 8, so I deleted it. and as for Dragon Age I liked it a lot so I bought it on steam. I am glad that I have tested them before.
Section 8 was horrible, I mean multiplayer wasnt so bad I suppose, but it didnt live up to it's hype at all. I played for a few hours and then went back to other games.

Dragon Age is pretty fun though, and it's nice how they've been speed loading DLC for the rest of us.
Yeah, Section 8 lived up to nothing.
Woah the topic died 2 months ago (I bought dragon age, which I never really got into, sadly I think I am more of a JRPG type)
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